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We Plan, You Plant Program


we planFor those gardeners who would prefer to install their own landscapes and love getting dirty but also would like some professional help. Kirschner Landscapes works closely with you from start to finish to help plan your garden.

you plant

1. Provide us with measurements and pictures of your plan.o If needed we will visit with you at your home.

2. We'll put together a sketch with both yours and our input.

3. After coming up with a workable plan, it's time to get started

4. Prior to installation Kirchner will come to your property and mark the beds and provide you with planting tips.

5. Get ready to work! We'll deliver all your necessary materials...topsoil,plants, mulch, stone, etc.

6. Our designer will return to your property to lay everything out. Now it's time to install and with a little
encouragement plus our professional tips your path to success is here. We'll stop over and check your progress (make sure your not taking too many breaks).

7. After the installation, we'll provide maintenance instructions and any other needed help.


Good luck. And remember we're here to help and ensure your successful venture.